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Senator Sasse Calls To Repeal Constitutional Amendment – He Wants 17th Amendment Out, Senators Chosen By States

Over the years, progressives have been chipping away at the foundation of our traditions and values.

Thanks to Democrats, our country is weighed down with bloated welfare programs that make Americans dependent on the government.

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Add to that a move to embrace radical, liberal policies that move us closer and closer to socialism/communism.

Some say a big reason for this was the passage of the 17th Amendment.

And now Ben Sasse just called for its repeal:

Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse called for the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution in an op-ed published Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal…

In arguing for the abolition of the 17th Amendment, Sasse pointed to the polarization and nationalization of politics, suggesting that returning control to state legislatures would be a way of implementing local control.

The 17th Amendment fundamentally altered how senators were elected.

Before it, state governments appointed two senators to represent them in D.C. The amendment changed it so that our senators are elected by popular vote.

The problem with that is a senator can take advantage of the “tyranny of the majority” to win.

Our Founding Fathers made it so that the state—a reflection of the values and issues of its people—would decide who should represent them.

Today, senators rarely care about the issues of their home states, because they are not held accountable to the state government.

Once they’re in, it’s hard to get them out. And how often do you find a senator who cares more about their home state—than they do D.C. insider politics?

The 17th Amendment shifted power from the states to the federal government.

Pair that with the 16th Amendment, which gave the Feds power to impose an income tax, which allowed it to grow exponentially.

(Without a federal income tax, the federal government would have much less power over the country.)

That led to the modern-day welfare state, which keeps millions of Americans under the thumb of the government.

One of the few ways we can turn back the clock is if we follow Sasse’s advice and restore power to the states.

Do you think the 17th Amendment should be repealed?

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