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Nancy Pelosi Tries To Crush Salon Owner For Hairgate, But Even Liberal CNN Turns On Her

Yesterday, we told you about how Nancy Pelosi broke San Francisco’s strict lockdown rules to get her hair done.

Instead of owning up to what she did, the Speaker is now blaming the salon owner. She even accused them of “setting her up” and has hired lawyers to handle it.

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Not sure why a salon would want to set up Pelosi, but the Democrat refuses to admit she did anything wrong.

The owner is fighting back, calling Pelosi’s accusations false. She even revealed she’s been receiving threats from Pelosi supporters.

And now, even CNN isn’t falling for Pelosi’s excuse:

Nancy Pelosi is one of the — if not the — smartest political strategists in the Democratic Party. As such, she knows that appearances matter in politics. A lot. Which is why her decision to have her hair done indoors at a shop in San Francisco makes so little sense…

What Pelosi did was hand Trump, whose entire strategy, such as it is, in the 2020 campaign is to troll liberals and media, a massive gift-wrapped present with her salon trip. For Trump and his Republican allies, the whole episode affirms everything they have been saying these last few years about liberals.

CNN slammed Pelosi, saying that her excuses don’t matter and that what she did was give Trump a big political gift.

The network even admitted this helps Republicans affirm what they’ve been saying “these last few years” about Democrats.

Trump and conservatives often accuse Democrats of thinking they are above the law.

Well, Pelosi just ignored several COVID lockdown rules—and then blamed the salon for it. That is exactly what Republicans say they do.

So, in this one instance, CNN is dead on.

Even Don Lemon said the Speaker should own up to what she did.

Most of the time, the left-leaning media ignores the many outrageous things Pelosi does. That includes the bogus impeachment, her defending anti-Israel congresswomen, tearing up the SOTU address, and even ignoring COVID back in February.

But now, they don’t seem to be willing to protect her—not when there’s video footage to prove what she did.

Remember, Pelosi once accused Trump of “killing” people because he doesn’t wear a mask when he speaks in public.

So, what was she doing?

It seems the longer she refuses to apologize, the worse it will get for her.

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