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Keep Your Promise, President Trump – You Said Your Supreme Court Pick Would Be From Your 2016 List

President Trump, we’d like a moment of your time.

Please consider this next Supreme Court justice pick very carefully.

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Back in 2016, you put out a list of nominees you would choose from if elected.

And so far, you kept your word by selecting Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Well done, Mr. President.

But if you want to continue to keep your promise, you need to do the same for RBG’s vacant seat. We agree with The Federalist on this:

President Donald Trump should choose his next Supreme Court nominee from the 2016 list, not from the recently expanded list.

The two front-runners are reported to be Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Judge Barbara Lagoa.

Barrett has widely been assumed to be the likely nominee to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, and between these two options, Trump should nominate Barrett. Whatever Lagoa’s qualifications, she was not on the list in 2016. The president made a promise when he was yet a candidate, and he shouldn’t break his word now.

The new list is a great one, Mr. President, but save it for your second term.

The American people voted for you when you released your first list. They basically stamped a seal approval on all those people you vetted.

Let’s not forget that the front-runner, Amy Coney Barrett, was on that list. She’s been vetted by the Senate previously for her circuit court seat. And she appears to be the most solid conservative option.

Knowing you have enough votes in the Senate, she’s sure to be a shoo-in for your Republican majority.

Please don’t “wimp out” and go with a moderate or someone that might be more attractive to a particular state.

We’ve seen how “moderate” justices on the court end up being swing votes that have undermined your agenda already.

Keep your promises, something you’re very good at, and nominate someone from your first list.

The American people will honor you at the ballot box.

Key Takeaways:
Trump released a list of Supreme Court nominees months before the 2016 election.
The front-runner, Amy Coney Barrett, is a strong conservative from that list and should be considered over candidates on his new 2020 list.

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