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Joe Hiden Is Forced To Admit It After Denials – He Says The Constitution Does Not Allow His Own Mask Mandate Proposal

Joe Biden is wrong a lot. But very rarely has he admitted his mistakes.

After staying quiet about the riots for months, he only condemned them after his polling went down.

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He has yet to call for law and order or support our police officers.

But here is another time he was wrong, but it seems like—yet again—he refuses to admit it:

Joe Biden admitted on Monday that his own proposed national mask mandate is unconstitutional.

Biden has repeatedly called for a federal mandate, often using it as an example of what he would do differently about the coronavirus than President Trump, whom Biden claims “failed to act.”

… He added, “I don’t think constitutionally they could, so I wouldn’t issue a mandate.”

Joe Biden recently admitted that a nationwide mandate to wear face masks might be un-Constitutional.

Claiming to be a “Constitutionalist,” he flip-flopped saying he wouldn’t issue one.

Really, Joe? Suddenly now, you’re worried about what the Constitution says?

On many occasions, he said he’d force every American to wear a mask. He even said this during the Democratic National Convention.

He appeared to be doing so, because Trump wasn’t mandating mask-wearing. So, Joe just does what he thinks Trump isn’t doing?

Only after months of saying this, did Biden reverse, suddenly aware of a thing called the Constitution.

But if Joe’s so devoted to the Constitution, what about all his other policies?

Joe and the left want open borders—which violates the Constitution’s mandate to protect America.

He’s promised to push government-funded health care and free health care to undocumenteds. He wants to impose the Green New Deal, a policy that would destroy our economy.

Then there’s his running mate, Kamala Harris. She has a very poor track record with upholding the Constitution.

Once, she said that if Congress did not do what she told them, she would just do it herself, echoing a sentiment Obama made many times.

So, do these two really seem like they are eager to uphold the law of the land? Or do they only refer to the Constitution when it’s convenient for them?

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