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Joe Biden Waves To A Mostly Empty Runway – Then A Trump Crowd Lines Up To Greet Joe

Joe Biden plays it safe when he sticks to reading the teleprompter.

(Except when he reads the parts he’s not supposed to say out loud.)

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But when you see him during those in-between moments, you get the feeling something’s not right.

Just check out what he did when getting off a plane in Florida:

You have to admit, it looks pretty funny.

But it gets even better. After waving to a nearly empty runway, he had this to look forward to:

Dozens of Trump supporters lining the road to HCC in #Tampa, where Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be meeting for a roundtable discussion with veterans this afternoon. Details beginning at 5 PM @10TampaBay

As Biden disembarked from his plane, he is seen pointing and waving, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone lined up, just some firetrucks in the background.

It’s the kind of thing people do when greeting a great big crowd of supporters.

Except… he didn’t seem to have a crowd of people waiting for him. The closest person to Biden appeared to be a security agent, with his back to the candidate.

What was Biden looking at?

Later on, as Biden made his way to another event, he got to see a long line of Trump supporters along the road.

Not a great optic, for a Democrat trying to win Florida, huh?

Wherever Trump goes, he is greeted with crowds of supporters. Even if he’s not hosting a rally, supporters line the roads to wave at him or Mike Pence.

Trump supporters are undeterred by COVID panic or lockdown rules. If need be, they wear masks, but they still show up.

Compare that to these two Joe Biden clips. Have we seen him greeted by any sizable crowd in recent months?

They say COVID has prevented him from hosting large events.

Maybe it’s just that nobody wants to be around him?

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