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If President Trump Loses In November 2020, Democrats Are Planning To Quickly Prosecute Him

The consequences of a Trump loss and Biden win in November are already crystal clear.

Biden promises a nationwide COVID lockdown. He has promised massive tax yikes to pay for his left-wing, “green” platform.

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And today, he promises to push radical gun control to ban “weapons of war” (suggesting all guns).

But there is another reason some may not have considered: how Democrats will use their new power against their greatest enemy: Donald Trump.

Even though many demanded Hillary Clinton be prosecuted after 2016, Trump respectfully kept his distance.

But the Democrats are not showing the same consideration:

If Donald Trump loses the election in November, he will forfeit not only a sitting president’s presumptive immunity from prosecution but also the levers of power he has aggressively co-opted for his own protection…

More than a dozen investigations are already under way against him and his associates. Even if only one or two of them result in criminal charges, the proceedings that follow will make the O. J. Simpson trial look like an afternoon in traffic court.

Since Democrats won the House in 2018, they have wasted considerable time and money on pointless “investigations” against the president.

One such investigation resulted in an impeachment over a phone call—which many Americans believed to be a witch hunt.

Now, at least one liberal writer is claiming that, if Trump loses in November, his loss of immunity would result in a flood of prosecutions.

Democrats in the media consistently accuse Trump of breaking the law. They’ve yet to show definitive evidence of this claim.

Their biggest accusation, of course, is that Trump is a Russian asset. Even though Mueller (a Democrat) concluded not a single American worked with Russia—many Democrats continue to slander Trump as a Russian puppet.

So, what are they going to charge Trump for what he’s actually done? Achieve peace between Israel and many of her neighbors?

Wiping out ISIS? Land a trade deal that even Biden admits was better than NAFTA?

Create record low unemployment or bringing jobs back to the U.S.?

Democrats talk a big talk, but it’s hard to believe they’d prosecute Trump over anything, other than just hating he’s a man of his word.

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