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Biden Tries To Blame Trump For The Riots – But Donald Just Told His Supporters Not To Confront Protesters

This Summer has been marked by endless riots in blue cities all over America.

Democrats who ran these cities (and inside D.C.) have said nothing. In fact, some appeared to be encouraging “uprisings.”Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch)HealthierLivingAds by Revcontent

But now, after polls turned, Joe Biden is suddenly concerned. Now he’s condemning the violence, but he’s blaming Trump for all of it, saying Donald is “fanning the flames.”

President Trump was the one, however, who offered federal aid months ago to end the chaos. Biden’s done nothing but hide in his basement.

Biden’s accusation is easy to debunk, especially when Trump directly told his supporters to do this:

President Donald Trump stated that he does not want his supporters to confront left-wing protesters and that such matters should be left to law enforcement. Trump also stated that his supporters are good people who “can’t believe” the violence they see in some American cities…

Trump responded, “No. No, I don’t want them. I want to leave it to law enforcement.”

After Joe Biden blamed the ongoing violence in blue cities on Trump, the president told his supporters not to get involved in these riots.

He minced no words when he told his supporters to stay away from left-wing rioters, saying law enforcement must restore the peace.

It seems Trump does not want his supporters—or any Americans—putting themselves in harm’s way. That’s the exact opposite of what Biden is accusing him of.

Those starting fires, looting businesses, and destroying property are openly left-wing. Some are members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. And some were Bernie Sanders supporters and self-proclaimed Marxists.

So, how is Trump inspiring them to riot?

These people are spreading chaos in the name of a left-wing agenda. They hate Trump and want nothing to do with him.

Nobody in the right mind would blame the president for the actions of people who want him gone.

From the very start, Trump has respected Americans’ rights to peacefully protest. But he has made it clear he’s against violence, destruction of property, and looting.

From all appearances, Democrats are responsible for much of the problem. Democrat mayors and governors continue to refuse federal law enforcement to uphold law and order.

Why isn’t Biden, the Democrat’s nominee for president, calling on the rest of his party to end this nonsense?

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