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Biden Stumbles Through Multiple Brain Freezes – Joe Accuses Trump Of “Stroking Violence”, Can’t Finish Sentences

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden hasn’t spoken much since the Democratic National Convention. But he has recently issued a few brief speeches.

Unfortunately, he made a few mistakes that are bound to raise eyebrows, especially among right-wing voters.

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The first error occurred when Biden accused President Donald Trump of fanning the flames of violence in the country.

Protesting and rioting has spun out of control in certain cities. And the former Vice President believes Trump is partly to blame.

But he made a mistake during his accusation:

Joe Biden slams President Trump: “He’s stroking violence in our cities.”

— The Hill (@thehill) August 31, 2020

He doesn’t want to shed light, he wants to generate heat, and he’s stroking violence in our cities.

Obviously, Biden meant to say “stoking.” And one could argue that anyone could make that slip-up.

However, that wasn’t the end of Biden’s difficulties.

At another point, he appeared to have difficulty reading the teleprompter. And that led to another mishmash of words:

COVID has taken this year— just since the outbreak— has taken more than 100 year— look, here’s— the lives, it’s just, it’s just, I mean think about it— more lives this year than any other year.

That’s difficult to interpret.

Some had a general idea of what Joe wanted to say, but his specific point remained unclear to much of the audience.

According to the prepared remarks, Biden wanted to say:

COVID has taken more lives this year than any outbreak in more than 100 years.

More than 180,000 lives in just six months. An average of 1,000 people dying every day in the month of August.

Biden blames Trump for many of the pandemic casualties, and has often made this point.

Even so, when he can’t properly articulate the accusation, it can in turn look bad for Biden.

In recent weeks, Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi have suggested to Biden that he not debate Trump.

And Republicans have fired back, accusing Democrats of wanting to hide Biden’s mental condition (if it is indeed compromised).

Can Biden hold his own against Trump on the debate stage…?

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