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Biden Claims Trump Will Bankrupt Social Security In 3 Years – But Even Mainstream Media Gives Joe 4 Pinocchios

Joe Biden has made some wild claims against Trump in recent ads.

But his latest might just take the cake: he claims Trump will bankrupt Social Security by 2023.

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How is that even possible? Joe claims Trump wants to eliminate the payroll tax that funds SS—but not replace it.

But even two left-leaning fact-checkers had to call out ol’ Joe. Here’s Politifact’s review:

Overall, Trump’s comments suggest he wants a fully funded Social Security program, but he doesn’t want the taxes that pay for it. This is contradictory, but it doesn’t mean he wants Social Security to run out of money in three years.

We rate the claim Mostly False.

And from Washington Post, via Western Journal:

The ad asserts that if ‘Trump gets his way,’ benefits will run out. But actually the letter says if transfers are made from general funds, no benefits would run out. That, at least at the moment, is what Trump says he would do.

“That adds up to Four Pinocchios,” Kessler wrote.

Both the Washington Post and PolitiFact prove that the Joe Biden ad is “mostly false.”

They reveal that while Trump has discussed eliminating or reducing the payroll tax, he either plans to replace the SS from “general funds,” or has scrapped the idea entirely.

PolitiFact even said the Trump campaign has not officially promised an end to the SS-funding tax.

Washington Post says Trump would plan to find the money through other sources.

In both cases, the liberal websites call out Joe’s ad as false.

President Trump has often promised to lighten the tax burden on most Americans. But he also promised to never hurt Social Security benefits for retired Americans.

In fact, time and again, Trump has promised to protect SS. And in recent years, benefits have even increased.

It seems Joe Biden is desperate enough to scare seniors into voting for him. So much so, that he is distorting the facts about something as important as Social Security.

Yet he couldn’t even get the facts straight. The man doesn’t even seem competent enough to read from a teleprompter:

Once again, we see Biden expose his lack of mental fitness. He didn’t even know he wasn’t supposed to read the “end of quote” bit from the script!

Do we really want this many making decisions for the rest of us?

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