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Attorney General Barr Orders 2020 Voter Investigations – So Far 32 Have Been Convicted Since 2019

Anyone worried about this year’s election security needs to hear about what Attorney General Barr just did.

President Trump has frequently warned that Democrats might commit voter fraud using unreliable mail-in voting, even though Democrats and the media claim it is highly unlikely.

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So Barr’s DOJ just revealed they are taking “very big” action to protect election integrity.

Since 2019, they’ve been very busy:

The Department of Justice is conducting several “very big” voter fraud investigations in multiple states, Attorney General William Barr told CNN in an interview aired on Sept. 2…

At least 32 people have been criminally convicted of voter fraud in 2019, according to a database maintained by the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank.

Democrats have frequently claimed that voter fraud doesn’t happen. But recent stories seem to show it’s a pretty common occurrence, especially in local elections.

Attorney General Barr revealed that his department has been cracking down on these attempts since 2019.

At least 32 people have been criminally convicted of voter fraud. That’s a much bigger number than zero, Democrats.

The identities of these people—and the extent of their reach—is yet unknown. But the fact that the DOJ has caught this many should wake everyone up.

Barr admitted there are many big investigations going on right now across the country. He said “very big” cases, which suggests the DOJ has found numerous voter schemes.

And if someone like Barr is on the case, you know he won’t leave any stone unturned.

Anyone worried about the integrity of our elections should follow this story closely. If the DOJ was forced to get involved, it means there was a lot going on.

Mail-in voting, according to our Attorney General, has been shown to be vulnerable. Ballots and even envelopes can be stolen or forged.

But with so many convictions and many “very big” investigations ongoing, it looks like people trying to undermine our elections will have a very hard time pulling off their scheme this year.

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