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After Washington Plans To Rename Monuments – Jim Jordan Warns Radicals To “Immediately Suspend”

Radical, left-wing Democrats who run the city of D.C. have been trying to “whitewash” our nation’s history.

A panel comprised of these leftists has recommended removing or renaming many government buildings, schools, statues.

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Although they do not have the power to do so, they even recommended removing and/or renaming such iconic monuments, like the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

Already Americans have expressed outrage. But now, a group of GOP lawmakers is dropping the hammer:

House Republicans on Friday demanded that Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser “immediately suspend” the “radical” proposal from a city organization to rename, relocate or potentially remove monuments in the nation’s capital…

“You must immediately suspend this dangerous attempt at revising American history and desecrating the memory of our nation’s presidents, war heroes, and visionaries,” Jordan and Comer wrote.

D.C. Democrats have created a panel to determine if they should remove the names of historic leaders from DC-owned properties.

Those properties include libraries, streets, parks, statues, government buildings, and other public spaces.

The goal appears to be to eliminate anyone from our history the modern left deems unacceptable. That includes most of our Found Fathers—or anyone the left calls “racist.”

Jordan and other GOP lawmakers have accused this group of “revising” our history.

In recent years, a movement among radical leftists has pushed for the removal or renaming of historic American figures.

President Trump has pushed back on it, claiming their goal is to erode our national identity by erasing our history.

This D.C. panel appears to be doing just that, by accusing these American icons of encouraging “the oppression of African Americans.

They even mentioned monuments that celebrate “President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and other American heroes.”

While this city panel does not have the power to rename or remove federal property, they can change anything that is considered city property.

That includes much of the city of D.C.

Unless confronted, this trend will continue. Democrats in Congress have frequently talked about removing statues from the Capitol.

How long before they try to pass a bill to remove the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, or even the Lincoln Memorial?

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