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After Trump Gets The Big 10 To Flip – He’s Already Cranking Up The Pressure On The Pac-12

President Trump, more than anyone else, has been working to see America roar back since the lockdowns.

Unfortunately, many institutions, including schools, businesses, and others have refused to reopen their doors.

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Trump put pressure on the Big 10 football conference to get back to games, after they canceled the season.

He was able to win them over, and the season will resume. Trump is celebrating…

And he’s already going after another league:

President Trump said Thursday he was “proud” the Big Ten Conference voted to start the college football season, and other fall sports, after having decided to postpone the schedule because of the coronavirus…

Trump said his next focus is to bring the Pac-12 back to the gridiron.

“I hear there’s a little flexibility at Pac-12, so I don’t want to get people’s hopes up too high. But there’s a little bit of flexibility there. We’ll see if we can do it,” he said.

President Trump was able to secure the return of the Big 10 conference football season, but now he says he wants to see Pac-12 come back as well.

COVID lockdowns shut out most of society, but by early May, many wanted to reopen and return to normal.

Some states, along with their businesses and other institutions, were quick to reopen and stay open.

Others prolonged shutdowns, even as the evidence suggested it was the wrong thing to do.

Sports leagues of all kinds were hit hard by the pandemic. After all, the last place people want to be during an outbreak is a stadium.

Professional sports leagues had to modify their seasons heavily, holding games with cardboard fans in the seats.

They did themselves no favors, though, when they pushed left-wing politics during games.

College football appeared doom, as colleges and universities continue to waffle over lockdown policies.

Should Pac-12 return, it might inspire other groups and organizations to suck it up and get back to normal.

It will also help boost morale among football fans across the country.

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