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After Democrats Threaten To Pack Supreme Court, RBG’s Wishes Slip Out: She Was Against Court Packing

Democrats are very unhappy over Trump’s plans to fill RBG’s vacancy before the election.

The reality is, they have zero power to stop it, so they are throwing a collective hissy fit.

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They are calling McConnell a hypocrite for moving forward with a nominee now, when in 2016 he refused Obama’s Scalia replacement.

Some of them are renewing threats to “pack” the Supreme Court, but that can only happen if they both win the White House and a Senate majority.

But maybe they should respect RBG’s own wishes, not the wishes her granddaughter claimed she made days before she died:

However, some of those same Democrats are ignoring what she said about packing the Supreme Court: that it was a “bad idea” that she “not at all in favor of” doing.

And this is what she said about filling a vacancy in an election year:

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being the president in his last year,” Ginsburg said in a 2016 New York Times interview in which she called for Garland to receive a confirmation vote in the Senate.

Ginsburg’s daughter claims her “dying wish” was for the country to wait to fill her vacancy until after the election.

We can’t prove or disprove this claim, but would someone’s final words be about politics, rather than to say goodbye to their loved ones?

This “dying wish,” though, doesn’t negate the Constitution, nor what the woman actually said on record in previous years.

She criticized Republicans in 2016 for refusing to confirm Obama’s Scalia replacement. Ginsburg literally said the president doesn’t stop being president, just because he’s a lame duck.

Regarding threats by Democrats to “pack” the court with more justices, RBG has long been critical of that move.

She even said it was a “bad idea” that she was “not at all in favor of.”

It seems the storied justice wanted to keep the court the way it was, with nine justices, that’s all.

That means, not only should we not increase the number, but if there is a vacancy, she wanted it filled.

There is plenty of reason to want a 9-person SCOTUS through the end of this year. What if there are issues arising from the election?

Those issues might go all the way to the Supreme Court. To avoid a 4-4 split, we need that ninth justice’s vote.

Democrats know this. Delaying a confirmation is playing on thin ice.

To deny that is to deny Ginsburg’s own words.

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