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Trump Adviser Angers Democrats – O’Brien Just Drained The Swamp In His Own Office

During the COVID-19 pandemic, how many government workers lost their jobs? Safe to say, very few.

As millions of hard-working Americans were laid off, government employees (whose salaries come from taxes) got to keep their jobs.

But one of Trump’s top men is taking an ax to his department. He just cut down his staff by half.

From NY Post:

President Trump’s national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien has dramatically slashed the size of the National Security Council — reducing the headcount to half of what it was during the Obama era, The Post has learned.

President Trump’s NSA, Robert C. O’Brien is downgrading the National Security Council. He’s reducing the massive department, which ballooned during the Obama administration.

Condoleezza Rice had an NSC staff of just 115. During Obama’s time in office, it jumped to 240 government-paid flunkies.

But O’Brien is bringing to a new low, with just 105 employees.

Our Take:
No one will deny that something like the National Security Council is important. But why did it grow so large under Obama?

Was his era one of impressive national security? Or one that required a huge increase in NSC staff?

Something tells me the expansion of the NSC was more due to Obama’s love of big government. All kinds of departments and agencies grew during his administration.

The government ballooned to unprecedented size. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a clear reason to justify the new jobs and salaries.

O’Brien is following Trump’s agenda at limiting the size of our government. The NSC isn’t going away, it’s just getting streamlined.

Those who still offer valuable service will most likely stay on. The others? Well, perhaps they’ll find another office in which to push paper.

A cut in staff means fewer costs, which means less burden on the taxpayer. O’Brien is saving Americans money, at a time when we need the economy to rebound.

Considering most of these employees were career government bureaucrat… it should bring a smile to your face. Fewer swamp dwellers, taking money from hard-working Americans.

That’s something we should be thanking O’Brien for.

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