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Democrats Make Impeachment Request To Supreme Court – It Looks Like Their Trump Investigation Is Still In Progress

House Democrats spent millions of tax dollars to impeach Donald Trump last December. This year, the Senate voted to acquit him of the charges.

That means it’s all over, right? Not so fast!

It appears House Democrats are continuing their impeachment investigations. At least, based on what they just requested from the Supreme Court.

From NY Post:

House Democrats asked the Supreme Court to release the redacted grand jury testimony from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s completed Russia probe because their investigation into whether President Trump committed impeachable offenses is still underway.

Dang, talk about desperate, huh? House Democrats want the Supreme Court to release a grand jury testimony because they’re still looking for impeachable offenses against Trump.

They want a testimony from the Mueller probe, hoping to find something—anything—they can use to impeach the president again.

Talk about grasping for straws! Remember, they impeached Trump over an accusation that he was “pressuring” Ukraine to help him.

That failed, thanks to a clear Senate acquittal.

But now, they’re going back to the Mueller Russian probe? Didn’t Mueller set the record straight when he ended his investigation?

What do Democrats hope to find in this one grand jury testimony?

Honestly, I don’t think they’ll find anything they can use against Trump. But the fact that they are still wasting time and money on an attack against our president should upset you.

We are in the middle of a crisis—and this is what House Democrats are working on. Not a plan to encourage states to reopen.

Not tax breaks for businesses hurt by the lockdowns. Nope—they are still pushing their ongoing campaign to impeach Trump.

After they already impeached him and failed to remove him from office.

Remember what “due process” means? It means we’re all innocent until proven guilty. Investigators can’t sniff around looking for evidence before there is a crime.

Yet it appears Democrats have decided long ago that Trump is guilty. Now, they’re just trying to find the evidence to back this claim.

Sound backwards to you?

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