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Hillary Clinton Slips Up In Live Biden Interview – She Just Said This Situation “Would Be A Terrible Crisis To Waste”

That’s right, Hillary Clinton is back, and doing plenty of damage to her own party. While appearing on a live stream with presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, she let something slip.

We’re not sure if Clinton is angling for a spot in Biden’s administration. Or she just loves the guy. Either way, she lent some of her “star power” to bolster the man’s campaign.

But while discussing the current crisis, she slipped up and said something that Democrats might be thinking… but should never say out loud!

From Twitter and the Daily Caller (jump to 0:35 to hear Hillary say it):

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the coronavirus would be a “terrible crisis to waste” Tuesday during a virtual appearance with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Ouch! It looks like Joe isn’t the only aging Democrat who has a problem with words!

Clinton let slip during their live stream that the virus that has crippled our economy, ruined lives, and amounted to thousands dead is “a terrible crisis to waste.”

Wow, lady. We sure did dodge a bullet when we elected Trump, huh?

Clinton appears to be referring to a chance to push universal healthcare. Perhaps she means that this medical crisis is a good excuse to let the government take over our health care?

If that’s the case, she’s crazier than Biden!

We’ve seen how the government bungled this pandemic. Really, many think the only reason we’re coming out of it is because Trump was smart enough to partner with private enterprise.

The CDC and FDA (two agencies loaded with Obama-era government workers) seem to have dropped the ball, big time.

Would you trust your healthcare—your life—to the same people who thought this virus wasn’t a problem back in January?

Democrats want to take over our health care industry. But these are the same people who denied COVID-19 was a threat in January and February.

The same people who called Trump “xenophobic” for closing the border to China. The same people who now are trying to rewrite history, saying Trump was too slow.

Yeah, Hillary, maybe you should stop talking before you really embarrass yourself?

The truth is, Clinton was probably talking about much more than health care. She and the left want the government to expand beyond all limits.

They want the government to have much more control over our lives.

But we’ve seen what happens when the government has too much power over our communities. They shut them down, leading to economic turmoil.

Imagine what would happen, if Biden took over the White House!

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