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After Biden Refuses To Release Records – Donald Trump Jr. Drops The Clown Hammer

Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by former staffer, Tara Reade. Records at the University of Delaware could contain a complaint she filed back in 1993.

So, of course, Joe is refusing to release those records. One minute he’s saying he’s innocent. The next, he’s refusing to show full transparency.

Donald Trump Jr. seems to find that fishy. And he’s dropping the “clown” hammer.

From Twitter:

Let me get this straight. Biden’s records from his decades in the United States Senate could be taken out of context?

Voters shouldn’t get to see what Biden did while working for them?

What is this clown hiding?

Donald Trump Jr. pointed out that Biden doesn’t want his records to be released because they “could be taken out of context.”

Uh, really? Donald Trump Jr. asked why aren’t voters allowed to know what Biden was doing when he was working for them?

Donald Jr. called out Joe, asking what this “clown” is trying to hide.

Now, there appear to be a few new developments. First, reports are coming out that Biden’s campaign has already looked at the files.

The University of Delaware told Business Insider that some of Biden’s “operatives” have already accessed the archive. Hmm… does that mean they know there’s something in there they don’t want the country to see?

If they get to see these records, why can’t we?

We are, after all, the ones going to the polls in November!

Second, Democrat law scholar Jonathan Turley agrees with Donald Trump Jr., saying that the public should be allowed to search Biden’s records.

Turley says Biden “should have no objection” to a search for Reade’s complaint. If he’s okay with searching official Senate records, why not the records at UOD?

If the man’s innocent of this, then he should be making sure everyone knows it. A check of those documents would certainly help clear his name, right?

But considering his team has already gotten to take a peek, maybe Joe’s worried about what the rest of us might learn?

We don’t really know for sure, but doesn’t that suspicious to you?

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