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FBI Blindsides Hillary Clinton – Swings Obama’s White House Closet Wide Open

Trump’s FBI finally found them…

We may never understand why Obama did so much to help Hillary Clinton—turns out he did way too much.

It’s obvious they didn’t like each other. They were vicious during the 2008 primaries. But suddenly, they got real chummy when Obama made Clinton his secretary of state.

Since then, it’s been one headache after another for Obama. Clinton used the State Department as her personal slush fund.

Whenever trouble occurred, Obama had to cover it up. Looked like she was the one really in charge.

Now we know that Hillary’s biggest scandal just might be ending. With thanks from Obama.

From Washington Examiner:

A former top FBI official said a repository of Hillary Clinton’s emails was obtained by the Obama White House…

Bill Priestap was asked…to identify representatives of Clinton, her State Department staff, and government agencies from which “email repositories were obtained” by the FBI.

He divulged a nonexhaustive list, which included the Executive Office of the President.

Ha, ha! For years, President Trump has said that those 33,000 emails Clinton deleted were somewhere.

Who thought to look in the White House!?

Those emails most-likely detail Hillary’s pay-for-play scheme she conducted with foreign powers as SoS.

When the FBI started poking around her illegal email server, she had those emails deleted.

But now, thanks to Judicial Watch, we have learned that many of those emails ended up in the hands of the Obama White House.

Bill Priestap, a Clinton ally, was forced to provide a list of people who had access to her emails. Turns out, many top Obama people have her emails.

In fact, they have a repository of her emails. How much do you want to bet that more than a few of those 33,000 emails are just waiting to be found?

We have to wonder why Obama’s people tried to hide this information from the FBI. Most likely, they didn’t want anything damaging to Hillary from becoming public.

Too late, snowflakes. Hillary lost thanks to her corruption and now she will finally face some justice.

It perhaps, Obama will get a little too.

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