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After Hillary Tries To Dodge Benghazi Deposition – The State Department Drops Their Government Gavel

Hillary Clinton won’t get out of this one.

Back in March, a judge ordered her to issue a sworn deposition concerning her private email server and the 2012 Benghazi tragedy.

U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth made it crystal clear — he said: “it is time to hear directly from Secretary Clinton.” Guess what happened next?

Unsurprisingly, Clinton and her legal team don’t want to comply.

They recently tried to convince an appeals court to let her out of the judge-ordered deposition—but Hillary didn’t find any luck there.

The legal effort launched by Judicial Watch won’t be thwarted by Hillary’s legal team! Why? Because the State Department is standing up to Clinton.

DOJ appeals lawyer Mark Freeman explains (via the Washington Examiner):

This is the rare situation in which discovery of a former Cabinet Secretary was not authorized for the impermissible purpose of probing internal government decision-making regarding official policy…

…but rather to focus on the impact on FOIA compliance of a former official’s unusual decision to use a private email server to systematically conduct large volumes of official business.

YES. We need to focus on Clinton’s use of her private email server, and if, when, and how she used it for official business.

Of course, this directly relates to the Benghazi fallout, something Hillary might never be able to escape.

And she won’t be able to escape this deposition, either. Her legal team called Judicial Watch’s depositions of Clinton “inappropriate” and “a clear abuse of discretion.”

But this appeals court obviously doesn’t agree.

More than that, they too wish to hear from former Secretary Clinton: it’s high time she made some official statements in court.

For years, America has been hoping for answers. They deserve to know how Hillary acted and if she broke the law, she must be held accountable.

Therefore, let’s hope things move forward quickly!

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