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Ilhan Omar: Nice hotels you’ve got around the world, Trump . . . be a shame if Iran attacked them

There is no reason to think Trump’s business interests are driving any of his military decisions. The killing of Qassem Soleimani was based entirely on the strategic situation on the ground, and Soleimani’s involvement in the killing of Americans and the attack on the embassy in Baghdad – just to name a few recent examples of his evil.

Iran has been sowing chaos and mayhem throughout the Middle East region for 40 years, and it’s well past time an American president did something serious about it.So now that Trump is actually doing so, it must be because he’s worried about his hotels?

Got it.

How about this? Before Omar can continue to serve in Congress, she should actually decide to be on the side of the United States in global situations, rather than on the side of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority.

It’s no longer shocking to listen to Democrats take the side of our enemies in conflicts, but it’s pretty much a given that the likes of Ilhan Omar will do so.So the tweet about Iran attacking Trump hotels worldwide: Was that her idea? It sure sounds like an entry into the suggestion box for Iran’s military planners.

And by the way, if Trump hotel guests are skittish, who made them that way? President Trump? Or the member of Congress who just told Iran to go off and try to blow them up?

How is this woman possibly allowed to remain a member of Congress?

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