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George Soros Praises Trump’s China Policy: Greatest Foreign Policy Accomplishment

George Soros is no friend or fan of President Trump’s or the GOP. So we should give him some credit form coming out in support – in today’s cancel culture the left will surely attack him for saying anything nice about Trump – of Trump’s get-tough policy in China.

Wow. No one saw that coming. Soros went further and called it truly bipartisan, which it is or should be, and said his move to declare China a strategic rival was the right one.

He called Trump’s China policy his greatest foreign accomplishment and went on to say he feared China and Trump may use Huawei as a bargaining chip.

Soros seems to go even farther than anyone in the Trump administration and says Huawei must be brought to heel.

Trump is currently seeking charges against the CFO of that company so it looks like Trump is in good spot with China.


Soros called Trump’s policy on China, “coherent and genuinely bipartisan” as well as “the greatest — and perhaps only — foreign policy accomplishment of the Trump administration.”

Specifically, Soros said the Trump administration was right to put Huawei on the Commerce Department’s “entity list” as a national security threat, which prevents U.S. companies from engaging in business with the firm.

In the op-ed, Soros called China “a dangerous rival in artificial intelligence and machine learning” but said its ability to compete in the 5G market is seriously hampered by Huawei’s dependence on U.S. companies.

“As long as Huawei remains on the entity list, it will lack crucial technology and be seriously weakened,” Soros wrote.

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